Monday, June 20, 2011

What Not to Do at the Airport

Since it's vacation time and some of us will be flying, I thought I'd share some what not to do's at the airport.

A 78-year old woman said she misunderstood instructions from a check-in agent at Stockholm's Arlanda International Airport in 2008.  Instead of placing her luggage onto a baggage chute, as instructed, she plopped herself down on it!  Reclining on the conveyor belt of the unmanned chute like a tray in a cafeteria dishwasher, she traveled to the baggage handling area before someone rescued her.  Unhurt, she  made her flight to Germany.

Other airport conveyor belt joy riders were less innocent.  Two New Jersey teens on a church volunteer trip got busted at New Orleans' Louis Armstrong International Airport in 2008 for riding a luggage conveyor belt past security and into a "sterile area".

A Columbia University researcher was caught in 2010 for the same offense--riding the luggage carousel at John F. Kennedy International Airport in New York after being denied entry into the TSA screening area because he didn't have a photo ID.

Anyone have an airport story they'd like to share?

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