Thursday, July 21, 2011

What America Really is.

On July 4th I left Cincinnati to be a support driver for a group of 5 young men (14-18 years), their youth leader and three of the boy's fathers, as they rode their bicycles to Nauvoo, Illinois.  This was a five day trek, covering just over 500 miles.  What a feat it was.
As we journeyed along, on the back roads of America, we saw lots of corn and soybean fields, but most important we met some very nice people.  Since we were off the main roads, there weren't a lot of places to stop.  We would look for trees whenever we could, as we stopped for water/food breaks.  We found that people were willing to allow us to fill up our 5 gallon water jugs, use the restroom in a church, which was left unlocked and fix and eat lunch on their property.
As I have reflected on that journey I have come to the conclusion that there are still people out there who are good and willing to help.  As we would drive down the roads, and happen to pass another car, without exception, they would always give us a wave.
Nothing better than driving down the back roads of America, going 15 miles an hour, windows open and CD's turned up!
Thanks to those who know how to slow down and are willing to lend their help however needed.

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