Thursday, June 13, 2013

Vacationing in a Cabin

When you think of a cabin, you may have in mind something like what Abraham Lincoln grew up in. If you have stayed in a cabin recently, you probably have a much different image in mind. Now-a- days, a cabin could include just about anything you could think of. The only reason it is called a cabin is because it is built out of logs or rough timber.  After that, it is whatever the builder could image. And since a cabin should be fun, there can be a lot of imagination built into a cabin!

I have seen the following in cabins:
  • Full-sized indoor pool
  • Kitchen with industrial appliances to feed 40 people
  • A bathroom and flat screen TV in every bedroom
  • A large tiered theater room with 10 large overstuffed recliners
  • 3 or 4 stories with a covered porch around each story

Many times you can find the following in any size cabin:
  • Hot tub and/or Jacuzzi
  • A big screen TV
  • A great mountain view
  • Games such as foosball, air hockey, pool table, ping pong, gaming systems, etc.
  • WiFi
  • Gas grill
  • Peace and quiet in the woods
  • Plenty of activities near by

I have stayed in a cozy cabin for 2, a cabin for up to 30 (see photos), and a few in-between sizes. I have enjoyed staying in each one and especially enjoyed the feeling and the beauty of the outdoors.

So the next time you are thinking of going somewhere on vacation, see if there are cabins in the area instead of staying in a hotel. You may catch a more pleasant version of “cabin fever!”.

        From a cabin near Park City, Utah at almost 8 thousand feet! What a view!

         Nice big kitchen. The island seating is in addition to the big dining room table. Loved these chairs!

        The whole gang for our family reunion! The kids loved the theater/game room downstairs.

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